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The International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation

(HPCS 2019)

The 17th Annual Meeting

July 15 – 19, 2019

Dublin, Ireland or


Accepted Papers in All categories:

Thank you for your contributions and congratulations for the acceptance of your paper in HPCS 2019. Please READ the following information carefully.

The deadline for submitting the camera-ready version paper + Copyright form + Bio for all tracks is May 13, 2019. For main track, it is May 23, 2019. Please try to submit them earlier than these dates as much as possible to avoid any last minute issues.

The paper can be uploaded by logging in at the HPCS 2019 web site at (or (Uploading link is using your previous login information for your paper in case you are in the main conference track. If your paper was accepted through a symposium, track, special session or workshop, and you have not uploaded it to this system before, you may submit it as a new submission under the Upload menu page ( You will be receiving an acknowledgment message with a paper code. Once you upload your paper to the system the first time, you may use your login info & code and the Upload link to upload any revised or newer version of your manuscript.


Main track

Main Track Paper Submission Deadline -------------08 April 2019 - Extended#*

Notification of Acceptance starts ------------------- 09 May 2019

Last Day for Camera-Ready Manuscripts by ------- 23 May 2019*

Last Day for Author's Registration ------------------ 23 May 2019*

Symposia, Workshops, Special Sessions and Tracks:

Tracks Paper Submission Deadline ------------------ Please see the track's respective web page

Notification of Acceptance for tracks starts -------- 22 April 2019

(or as posted on the respective web page)

Last Day for Camera-Ready Manuscripts by -------- 13 May 2019* For tracks

Last Day for Author's Registration ------------------- 13 May 2019* For tracks

Last Day for Attendee's Early Registration ---------------- 07 June 2019*

Last Day for Special Rate Hotel Reservation -------------- TBA, 2019+ see accommodations page

(First-come-first-serve space availability basis)

Conference Date --------------------------------------------- July 15 – 19 2019

# For other tracks, please refer to their web page for specific information about their specific deadlines.

* Deadlines are 6:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern (New York) Time on the dates indicated.

+ Deadline is 6:00 p.m. Ireland Local Time. Reservation requests received after 6:00 p.m. at the Hotel, after this cut-off date, will be accepted at the group rate on a space availability basis.


Please note that a very strict application of final manuscript formatting will be adhered to. Any manuscript that does not meet the requirements will be rejected and not included in the proceedings. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us having good manuscripts and professional proceedings.

Please note that your camera-ready pdf file must be Digital Library compliant. Otherwise, your file may not be correctly incorporated and will have errors. It is your responsibility as author to submit a Digital Library compliant pdf file. Please refer to the Digital Library resources available to conferences and authors to make sure your paper is compliant when you create its pdf file. As example, the following links have more information and other links on compliant pdf files. We are providing these links to assist with this task. The authors can choose the parts they deem applicable.

Formatting Templates

HPCS 2019 will be using IEEE manuscript templates for conference proceedings for the final, camera-ready accepted papers. Please make sure to use only US Letter size templates.

Please note that final camera-ready manuscripts must be uploaded to the HPCS 2019 web site in Digital Library compliant PDF format only.

Full Paper Manuscript Instruction (this is the format we use and require you to follow, unless there is unforeseen change)

Poster Paper Manuscript (This is the format we use and require you to follow, unless there is unforeseen change)

Extended Abstracts (This is the format we use and require you to follow, unless there is unforeseen change)

This could be for extended abstract for Invited, Poster, etc.

Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Extended Abstracts (This is the format we use and require you to follow)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The easiest way to make sure the final template (camera-ready) meets all requirements is to download the Word doc of the templates (above) and insert the texts of your paper in the appropriate fields (e.g., Title, Authors' names, Affiliations, Abstract, Introduction, Sections, References, etc.) This should accelerate the whole procedure and save your and editors' time.

Formatting Check List

Please use this list after the manuscript is ready and verify that all requirements are met before you upload your paper to the web site.


For uploading issues, please contact Mr. Abdul Habra at

For Camera-ready and final editing issues, please contact:

Khalid Zinedine

Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida, Morocco

Phone: +212 (0)6 61 08 58 54



As a good practice, please make sure that your paper abstract meets the criteria for what is expected. See for example How to Write an Abstract and The 8 Elements of an Effective Abstract.

On paper title, see How to Compose a Title for Your Research Paper. On paper structure, see How to Structure a Conference Paper in Experimental Computer Science.


Please complete and sign the HPCS 2019 Copyright Form and either upload it to this link or email it as attachment to the Publications Chairs: Yudith Cardinale Villareal ( and Camille Coti (, or fax it to (+yyy) (attn. xxx/HPCS2019). If using the link, please use the password: HPCS2019copyright . After that, you will get the uploading interface. Select your file and wait a few seconds for the system to upload it.

Please upload the presenter’s bio as a WORD document when you register the paper using the registration system. The biography should be a short professional summary (a few meaningful sentences, or a paragraph of about 10 lines or so) of the presenting author, which will be read aloud immediately before the author's presentation. This specified presenter will be considered the official presenter of the paper once selected by the authors and will not be changed unless the program chairs approve the change after a timely request by the authors.


All conference presentations must be made as scheduled in the final conference program by the specified presenter noted (underlined).

Presentations must be high quality, done professionally and prepared well to fit in the time allotted to each (not shorter and not longer).

Please refer to some useful information about preparing your presentation for the conference at this link.

It is absolutely critical that each accepted paper be presented at the conference in the best possible way. Poor presentations will not count. The conference reserves that right to consider such poorly presented papers as 'not presented' and treat the paper as a no-show.


HPCS intends to be a forum for the high performance computing and simulation communities. It supports the creation of various communities of interest and practice within the annual meeting. It wishes to maximize the interactions, exchanges and cooperations among its participants. Therefore, it invites all those who are interested to attend and contribute.

HPCS has a zero tolerance policy on intellectual property violations or professional misconduct, plagiarism, multiple submission, no show, and any other unprofessional conduct. All participants must abide by professional codes of ethics and conduct.

Conference Consent

It is understood that the author's submission of any contribution to the conference implies that it is a consent itself to use the material, name & affiliation and related items in the conference proceedings, program and any other conference records or publicity venues we typically use for disseminating this information to the conference participants without any limitation. This consent would also include specific warranties that the author's material provided does not infringe on any third party's copyrights, trade secrets, or intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Rights Maintained

(Copyright information, Plagiarism guidelines, Multiple submission and prior publication guidelines, Request permission to reuse copyrighted material, Trademark policies)

Plagiarism guidelines:

Violations will be reported.


In which index and abstract databases does Digital Library include bibliographic records?

Digital Library content is indexed by Google and has agreements in place with other publishers and services to include copyrighted papers in their online and print indexes. Examples include INSPEC, Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science, Ei Engineering, and Village. For a complete listing, please click the Publishing and Indexing Partners link on the “Welcome to IEEE Xplore” help page. Please see

The SCOPUS is provided with all of the Digital Library content so that the bibliographic information (what is seen on an abstract page in the Digital Library, including the abstract) can be made visible. While the publishers do provide them with all of their content, it is not their policy to determine what Scopus will or will not index. Additionally, once SCOPUS does load the records, and the abstract is viewable to their users, the user can then link back to the Digital Library and lands on the abstract page of that particular record, enabling you to either view through a subscription or purchase the full text article.

The proceedings content may be indexed in several other indexing services, as in previous years.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Center .


The conference does not allow remote or virtual presentations.

At least one of the authors must attend and present the work. This should encourage all presenters and as many of the co-authors as possible to attend and actively participate. This is vital to the conference success and to maximizing the return to all those who contribute, especially the authors.

IEEE Policy on No Show / Non Presented Papers will be followed

“IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from the Digital Library) if the paper is not presented at the conference.”

Papers excluded from further distribution will be archived but will not be indexed or appear in the Digital Library.

HPCS fully supports and implements the no-show policy and will enforce it in all cases.

Withdrawing a Conference Submission

Authors may withdraw their submission before the paper is assigned to the TPC for reviewing for no cause.

There is no withdrawal once the manuscript is assigned to the TPC and especially once the acceptance notifications are sent out. If authors of a manuscript have new extenuating circumstances and they need to withdraw their work after that, they are required to write to the conference organizers (program chairs and registration chairs) immediately and discuss their situation and present their legitimate/emergency cause for the request to obtain approvals. The organizers will notify the authors of their decision upon review of the request. If the request is denied and the authors take out their accepted manuscript, they will be in violation of the conference policies and their submission commitments.

Change of Presenters and Presentation

Authors of a paper must specify the presenter (one or more of them) as early as possible by the May 13, 2019 deadline. Once designated, the presenter cannot be changed without the prior approval of the conference program chairs. A request of change of presenter (e.g., a co-author) must be submitted by authors in due time so that proper approvals can be obtained before the beginning of the conference. The specified presenter is expected to present in person based on final program schedule. Any changes must be cleared with the program chairs first. No request for change of presenter will be considered once the draft program is made. Unapproved changes will not be honored. Failure to do so, the paper will be treated as a no-show.

Adding and Removing Authors and Changing Paper Title After Notifications:

If authors wish to make such changes after notifications, they must notify the Program Chairs and Registration Chairs of such changes.

IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors Policy on Pre-publication Author Misconduct on Double-submission and Plagiarism

"In addition to the IEEE policies, pre-publication author misconduct, such as double-submission or plagiarism, will result in rejection of the manuscript(s), and a minimum 6 month ban on submissions to fully owned ComSoc publications by the author(s)."

HPCS fully supports and implements all such policies on pre-publication author misconduct.

IEEE Prohibited Authors List FAQ

HPCS 2019 will abide by the IEEE Prohibited Authors List and any other such lists from sponsoring professional organizations.